Photo/video production & graphic design

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I have been developing a passion for media design for over 10 years.

Skills in a wide range of design programs, experience in many industries. I have delivered or improved marketing communication for dozens of larger and smaller companies from various industries. I will be happy to give your idea a twist.

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I will be happy to participate in creating or improving your visual communication so that it is engaging, functional and clear.


Video shooting with professional technique, stabilization and lights in a creative concept. Processing of footage, color tuning, stabilization, music composition, sound editing.

Přehrát video
Promo video - LV Salón
Přehrát video o podnikatelia20-thumbnail
Event video - Podnikatelia 2.0
Přehrát video
Promo video - SamDent
Přehrát video o rufus
Promo video - Rufus


Product, lifestyle photography, photos for the web, business portraits, photography of events or celebrations.

Photo of product - Mobiola
Landscape photography - Studená dolina
Artistic portrait
Professional portrait - SamDent
Lifestyle photo - Mazda Miata MX5
Landscape photography - Alicante


Advertising spots, promos, explainer videos, 3D animations, moving logos, visuals through motion design.

Přehrát video
Promo animation - SIGP Systems
Přehrát video o motion-promo2c
Promo animation - SIGP Systems
Přehrát video
Timeline animation - Umakov
Přehrát video
Advertising spot - bring static visuals to life

Graphic design

Graphic design of print, digital, web, 3D media, logo, corporate identity.

Corporate identity - logo design
Web design
Print design - business card
UI/UX design
Design of social media - stories
Digital/print - pixel art

"To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control and master."

- Milton Glaser

I have been working with graphic editors and design for more than 10 years

I spiced up this hobby by studying digital media graphic design in high school and later at UNIZA. The beginnings go back to elementary school, where my classmates flocked to me to draw pictures for them to put in the covers of their notebooks. Since then, years of covering digital, print, web, motion or UI / UX design for diverse clients from a wide range of industries have passed.

Of all areas of digital media design, the process and result of animation and video creation, which evokes emotion in the audience with a suitable interplay of moving graphic elements to a properly chosen sound track, is the most close to my heart. I like the dynamics of these pieces, whether it’s a GIF, a promo video, an advertisement, event material. I love the combination of music and movement, which is why I also enjoy video editing, or post-production, which makes it possible to create comedy from horror footage.

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I have delivered or improved marketing communication for dozens of larger and smaller companies from various industries.

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