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Roman Skokan

The beginnings of my design journey go back to elementary school. Rather than paying attention, I used to draw on my notebooks at school, on the covers of my classmates’ notebooks, then also in my free time, until now I find the time here and there. I haven’t been paying attention until now, so I prefer to create as much as possible. Ever since I was young, I loved to draw and create, and I loved messing around with creative programs. The most close to my heart is video creation – from coming up with ideas, “directing” on the scene, editing videos, correcting colors, searching for the ideal oil, connecting music with the image to the result and evoking emotions. 🎬

I studied Graphic Design of Digital Media at the secondary school, I continued at UNIZA in the field of Mediamatics, where I finished my bachelor’s studies and then I decided to gather real experience in companies and at the same time I try to educate myself and take courses.

I worked in agencies for start-up, small and medium-sized companies, from various fields, where I designed print/digital media, websites, 3D or created videos and photos.

To me, designing means communicating clearly through whatever means you can control.




"To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control and master."

- Milton Glaser

Why me?

I have delivered or improved marketing communication for dozens of larger and smaller companies from various industries.

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