Video for successful marketing

or a nice memorial

Video can be an essential element of successful marketing
strategies or the artwork of your wedding day.

Use of video

There are many types of videos. Choosing the right type
depends on the type of campaign, the offered product or service and the audience,
that you want to reach.


Creating a video to build trust or increase sales.

Private purposes

Creation of a wedding video, a video of a celebration or a ribbon ceremony.

Types of video for marketing

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Promo video

Presentation of your company in an approximately one-minute video, usable on the web or in advertising.

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Video business card

Let the audience get to know your company and the people in it with a video business card

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Explainer video

Present your purpose or explain a complex product or service you offer.

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Advertising spot

The mainstay of the marketing mix, with which you can quickly and attractively present your product or service.

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Fun spot

Show the audience your human side, make yourself known in a fun way.

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Product video

Present your product or service dynamically.

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Moving the logo

Present the meaning of the logo by moving it.

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Bring static graphics to life

With dynamics and sound, you will add flair to the visuals and attract more attention.

Portfolio of video

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Promo video - LV Salón
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timeline animation - umakov
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Promo video - SamDent
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Video business card - tomarco
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Event video - podnikatelia 2.0
Přehrát video o motion-promo
Promo animation - SIGP systems
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Promo video - rufus
Přehrát video o motion-vulcano
video cut - road trip island
Přehrát video o motion-mercedes
video cut - Work & travel hvar
Přehrát video o garden-party-thumbnail
Event video - celebrating
Přehrát video o motion-martins
Advertisement spot - pivovar martins
Přehrát video o motion-dreamstory
Product video - editorship dreamstory

Why video?

High-quality animation or video can effectively complement not only your marketing arsenal

"To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control and master."

- Milton Glaser

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